BHP Digital provides a wide range of website design and support services to ensure your site hits the target and helps your business achieve it's objectives.

Web Design

Modern, mobile-responsive websites that perform across all device types and are fully optimised for search engines.

When building a new website I will first carry out research and speak to the client to get a clear understanding of the people and the business, and what the key objectives are. Together with the client I will then create a project brief encompassing all requirements.

Web Development

Sometimes all that's needed to bring your website up to scratch is some fine-tuning

Easily manage orders, offer multiple payment options, promote sales and manage deliveries.

SEO & Analytics

Ensure your website is fully optimised for search engines, and use powerful analytics to measure the effect of changes on key metrics.

It's no good having a great looking website if it's not well optimised to get the best possible search results. By carrying out a detailed SEO audit and using testing tools, potential issues can be addressed and fixed. Before, during and after any changes are made to a website, analytics tools help to guide the optimisation process and ensure the website meets it's targets.


Take full control of your online sales with an eCommerce website that gives you all-in-one management.

Easily manage orders, offer multiple payment options, promote sales and manage deliveries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do you have building websites?

I've been building websites since 2001 when I was studying for a degree in Computer Science. From 2003 to 2019 I oversaw the website for a Lancashire-based engineering company which became a global leader in it's field. After establishing BHP Digital in 2019 I now build websites for local businesses and have trained extensively to enhance my skills and learn the latest systems and best practices.

How long does it take to build a website?

This can vary a great deal depending on the size and complexity of the project, but normally it's somewhere between 3 to 6 weeks in total.

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