IT Support

Troubleshooting and IT support to help small businesses resolve technical issues and work more efficiently.

On-site support

IT & network support covering a wide range of areas

Network and computer downtime is frustrating and potentially costly to your business. I'm experienced in solving a wide range of problems, and planning overall strategies to ease your business's IT issues and help you work more effectively. Areas I cover include networking, data backup and recovery, internet and emails, software and hardware support and cloud computing.

Remote support

Secure and fast remote IT support

Often IT issues can be resolved faster remotely. I can securely connect to your computer to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Technical advice

Practical advice to keep things running smoothly.

I advise on wide range of areas within IT including security, networking, emails, file management, printing and backup.


Identifying and resolving technical issues to get you back up and running

Unresolved IT issues are not only frustrating but can cost your business money and prevent you from working efficiently. I'm experienced in troubleshooting a wide range of IT issues including hardware and software problems, internet and email and data storage and backup.

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